Fall Yard Chore Checklist

Usually by this time of the year, I have already begun pulling the annuals out of my pots and cutting back all of my hostas and other perennials, because normally they are all, well, DEAD or completely demolished by slugs. I typically also get the itch to buy mums by Labor Day. But this year, everything still looks so beautiful that I’ve been happy to put off beginning my fall yard chores. The cool, wet summer has made my garden, and the honey bees, very happy. Here are some recent photos of the beautiful colors still lingering in our yard. The Endless Summer Hydrangea were apparently aptly named.

Nonetheless, here in Ohio, the temperatures are quickly beginning to cool, and all of the sudden this week some of the leaves are starting to fall. So, I know I’d better start to begin thinking about my fall to-dos. Here are some of the jobs that autumn brings at our house. I will discuss each of these in more detail in separate posts as I complete these tasks in my own yard providing you with tips and tricks to be quick and effective and to get your children involved.

Fall Yard Chore List

___   Pull out annual flowers

___   Plant mums

___   Plant bulbs

___   Leaf pick-up

___   Cut back perennials

___   Prune bushes and shrubs

___   Store patio and porch furniture. Put away bird bath.

___   Weed and clear brush

___   Plant or transplant shrubs or bushes

___   Divide and/or transplant perennials

___  Clean out gutters

___  Clean out garage

___  Wash tools

Well, now that I’ve got all of these chores on my mind, I guess I should go outside and accomplish something. Stay tuned!

Fallen leaves

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