15 Things I Love About Summer Vacation

Well, hello! It has been two whole weeks since I last posted! The first week I spent finishing a website for my husband’s school board campaign. And if you follow me on Facebook you know that we spent last week away on vacation on Longboat Key in Florida. Now that we’re back home I am reflecting on all it’s glory. So here are…

15 Things I Love About Summer Vacation

  1. The biggest decision of the day is, “Should we go to the beach or the pool?”
  2. We put on our bathing suits after breakfast and wear them until dinner. I love that for many reasons, but mostly because it means virtually no laundry!
  3. My husband gets to witness firsthand every single one of the tantrums and all of the bickering that takes place each day so he better understands why my face commonly looks the way it does by the time he normally gets home from work.
  4. Everything is better with two parents involved. It’s like I have a nanny who helps do the dishes, tells everyone to get dressed and brush their teeth, babysits while I workout and helps manage the complaints about the sand. Thanks honey!
  5. Running on the beach, chasing the Sanderlings and greeting the Egrets and Blue Herons who stand their ground and stare me down. Running on the sidewalk is like playing Frogger as I leap over the tiny lizards rushing by. Every run holds a new adventure.
  6. Reading in my beach chair… for 10 whole minutes. Hey, that’s 10 more minutes than I normally get to sit and read.
  7. I’m completely ok with the house being in total disarray. The beds go unmade and dirty clothes are strewn about and even get put on again after lying on the floor for a day or two. Anything goes.
  8. It is acceptable to drink wine (more than one glass even) and eat ice cream every, single night.
  9. Discovering more of nature’s miracles, like watching the tiny coquina clams that burrow back under the sand after every wave that washes them up and the Sandpipers who scurry up and down the beaches hunting for them.
  10. I love watching the sun light up the sky with shades of pink and purple each morning and then watching it sink into the Gulf every evening, the horizon on fire with color.
  11. The way building a sand castle makes me feel like a kid again.
  12. Listening to my husband tell bedtime stories to our children about the summer he was a camp counselor or about the time he went skydiving and hearing the kids’ sweet little questions. I love the mischievous giggles I hear emanating from their bedroom as they sing silly songs with really naughty words like “poop” and “pee.”
  13. It is just the five of us, together. No chores, no obligations, no distractions.
  14. Watching my husband walk down the beach holding hands with our two daughters; the same beach the two of us strolled down together years before when we were dating, then again when we were engaged and then later holding each of our babies in our arms.
  15. Witnessing the pure, raw joy and excitement in my children’s faces as they skip down the beach and seeing the awe in their eyes as they stare out at the ocean dreaming of a whole other world under the sea.

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