Hi! I’m Ashley. I’m the mother of three young children and I am always running somewhere! Whether I’m chasing after my three-year-old with my craft scissors in his hand, hurrying to get dinner on the table after swimming lessons, rushing to finish pruning the bushes before racing to pre-school pick-up, or literally running for exercise, I am always on the go. And somehow it feels like I’m often running late! Many of my favorite daily tasks also have something else in common; scissors, or sKissors as our littlest one calls them. Craft scissors, kitchen scissors, garden scissors, children’s safety scissors, I’ve nearly always got one of them in hand.

IMG_8218So, if I’m so busy, why not eliminate some things from my to-do list? Why not delegate the yard work to a lawn service company? Why not stick a Stouffers lasagna in the oven or pick up take-out? Shouldn’t I just buy a baby gift instead of making it? Couldn’t I go for a 2.62 mile run instead of 26.2? Well, the conundrum is that I happen to actually really enjoy working in my yard, making healthy meals for my family, sewing, crafting and running long distance. And I take pride in doing them well. I spend nearly all of my time doing things for everyone else in my household. My main priority is to meet their needs. I work tirelessly to make my family happy but I also deserve to fit in the things that I enjoy. As they say, “Happy Wife. Happy Life.” And I like to say, “Happy Mommy. Happy Family.” Life as a mother with young children has to include some balance in order to maintain some sanity.

On Running with Skissors I share my every day adventures in cooking, gardening, crafting, fitness and parenting. Join me as I strive to learn more and to challenge myself to become better at all of the things I enjoy while fitting it all in to a very busy schedule in a house full of craziness. Visit my Facebook page for a peak into the challenges of my daily life where I provide inspiration, information and sometimes just a reminder that you are not alone in your struggles. It’s a place for busy moms to connect, share stories, commiserate, and often just laugh together.

I may have put my Journalism degree on the shelf for awhile when I left my ad exec job seven years ago to take care of my babies full time, but I can say that I will always be a journalist at heart. I like to think I’ve been using what I learned in my photo-journalism classes to document the growth of my babies all these years through thousands of photos. I’ve also been growing my skills as a cook, gardener, crafter, and homemaker. Now I am excited to put on my journalist hat once again as I gather, process and disseminate information about some of my favorite things in life so I can get better at them and, hopefully, so that I can help you do the same.

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