Abdominal Routine

Do 20 or 25 reps of each exercise below. Repeat once or twice if you have time and you are more advanced.


Crunch 1

Crunch 2Side Crunches (20 on each side)

Side Crunch 1

Side Crunch 2

Lower Raises

Lower Raises 1

Lower Raises 2



Upper Crunch Pulses

Crunch Pulses 1

Crunch Pulses 2


Bicycle 1

Bicycle 2

Lower Crunch Pull Ins

Lower Ab Crunch 1

Lower Crunch 2



Full Sit-Ups

Full Sit Up 1

Full Sit Up 2Side Jack (20 on each side)

Side Jack 1

Side Jack 2


Scissors 1

Scissors 2

Please Note: I am not a trainer or an expert, just an average mom. These are my exercises. You should consult a doctor before beginning a new workout routine.


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