Shoulders, Chest, Back Strength Routine

Do 15 or 20 reps of each exercise. Then repeat twice more for three total sets. I use 12 or 10 pound weights, but use what is best for you.

Shoulders – Standing Side or Front Raises

Side Raises

Side Raises 2

Chest – Lying Bench Press

Bench Press 1

Bench Press 2

Back – Back Crunches

Back Crunches 1

Back Crunches 2



Shoulders – Standing Press

Standing Shoulder Press 1

Standing Shoulder Press 2

Chest – Lying Fly

Lying Fly 1

Lying Fly 2

Back – Superman

Superman 1

Superman 2



Shoulders – Standing Chin Lifts

Chin Raises 1

Chin Lifts 2

Chest – Push Ups

Push Up 1

Push Up 2

Back – Standing Bent Over Rows

Bent Over Row 1

Bent Over Rows 2


Please Note: I am not a trainer or an expert, just an average mom. These are my exercises. You should consult a doctor before beginning a new workout routine.

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